Southwest - Moraga, CA

This was a house the family wanted to enjoy well into their golden years. Unfortunately, the lawn was becoming too much work and their view looked directly into their neighbor’s yard. Their deck needed to be replaced for the second time. Water from a nearby stream ran under the home and drainage was beginning to be a troublesome issue.

We replaced the lawn with a native plant stroll garden that is easy to maintain. Our use of color brought out the southwestern hues of the house and added features. We designed and built an adobe style pizza oven with an outdoor fireplace, which blocked the views and winds, while providing a stylish focal point. Instead of the wooden deck, we constructed a multi tiered flagstone patio. A working herb garden was put to frequent use, as was the swim-in-place pool. We solved drainage issues with a combination of French drains and rerouting the roof drains into a stream that runs through the property to a cistern. With waterfalls and two stone bridges we created a rain water garden. A steel bridge spans one side of the house adding drama and a modern touch.