Whether we are taking care of a residential, commercial or HOA property, we treat each landscape as if it were our own.

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We set seasonal horticultural standards, specializing in Bay-Friendly lawn and plant care. Our contracts are performance driven which means that we are pro-active and responsive to the needs of the client and the garden rather than time-based. Our practices include:

● Soil Amendment
● Fertilization
● Mulching
● Proper & Corrective Pruning

○ Perennials / Annuals
○ Grasses
○ Roses
○ Shrubs & Vines
○ Trees under 15’

● Organic Lawn Care
● Irrigation Assessment & Water Conservation
● Integrated Pest & Disease Management


We believe that seeing your landscape come to life should be as exciting and enjoyable as when it is complete. Our promise ensures an outstanding experience with clear communication throughout the design and construction process.